Watch out, Beyonce — this little girl is giving you a run for your money! Recently a mother/daughter duo put together a dance routine inspired by Queen B's song "End of Time," and wouldn't you know it, the woman's 2-year-old daughter already quite the skilled dancer.

Seriously though, this girl could be sharing the stage with Beyonce in no time. Obviously the little girl is the star of the show, but the whole dance routine itself is pretty awesome to watch too.

See it all go down by watching the video above! We're sure Beyonce would be impressed, what about you? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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  • Aha

    Shes so cuteee !

  • kaelie

    holy cow!!! shes amazing

  • Sammy

    She’s so adorable!

    • Srinivasan

      I personally think that this new song by Beyonce um…rellay rellay ROCKS. I am NOT a fan of Beyonce – don’t get me wrong – but this is one of her best and quite frankly I couldn’t love it more! Wheee!Seriously, I love it!I also love Madonna’s “Spanish Lesson” from Hard Candy.