Recess fans, rejoice! Recently, some very talented individuals decided to get together and recreate the iconic opening intro of the hit animated show in real life. And just in case you didn’t think they would do it justice, they provide a split screen that shows you just how spot on they were with their adaptation.

While the role of TJ is played by a girl, and Mikey is brunette and not blonde, along with a few other artistic liberties, they still do a pretty great job. This makes us want to be a kid all over again! Watch it for yourself! What do YOU guys think of the vid? Did they do it justice? Or could they have tried a little harder to keep it true to the original? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

So Cool! ‘Finding Nemo’ Goes 8-Bit!

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5 Responses to "This ‘Recess’ Intro IRL Is Pretty Great"

    Katherine says:

    this is so cool! haha Recess was the best show ever!!

    David says:

    This is a fail

      Jessie says:

      Spending hours and hours creating a unique and impressive video? Win. Sitting at home writing a comment on the video because you couldn’t do better? Fail. Think about the things you type. These are real people.

    Cheyna says:

    That was awesome! Haven’t seen that show in such a long time, and I found my self whistling the intro! Those kids are certainly creative :)

    Sammy says:

    This was great!

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