Ever since Pitch Perfect hit theaters around this time last year, people haven't been able to stop listening to Anna Kendrick's famous "Cups (When I'm Gone)" song. From the tune being released as it's own smash single, to a number of "Cups (When I'm Gone)" recreation attempts, the longevity is pretty remarkable.

However, the popular song is getting a bit of rebirth, if you will, thanks to this awesome tap dancing video! Recently, a group of dancers got together and made up their own choreographed number to the song, but the real kicker? Instead of doing the "cups" part of the songs, they use their tap shoes!

Also, the crew includes of a number of Broadway stars, so it's pretty amazing. For more, watch the video above!

Let's go back to the Pitch Perfect premiere, shall we?

The 'Pitch Perfect' Holiday Album Will Be Awesome

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  • sebastian

    WOw!! very beautiful

  • Aaliyah

    great film

  • butthead

    awseomeness butt not as awesome as me

  • Catie Moser

    this was so amazing! I’d love to see the Pitch Perfect Cast attempt this! 😀

  • Hannah

    This is so amazing!!!! I am a tap dancer and I wish I could be this good!!!

  • Sammy

    This was really good!