Sure, we bet a lot of people think of today (November 1) as "The Day After Halloween", but did you know it's ALSO Penn Badgley's birthday?! That's right — our fave Gossip Girl cutie is turning the big 2-7, and we're so thrilled for his special day.

Birthdays are certainly a day of reflection and reminiscing, and while he has lots of roles we know and love him for (Easy A! The Stepfather! John Tucker Must Die!) we bet you forgot about his little guest spot on Amanda Bynes' show What I Like About You. Yes, Penn appeared on the hit show back in 2002 in an episode titled "Copy That."

In the ep, he played a guy named Jake who works with Amanda's character Holly at a copy place. The two have a small miscommunication which leads Holly to believe Jake has a crush on her, but that ultimately leads to an embarrassing moment for her.

To celebrate Penn's big day, relive his guest spot on the show by watching the video above, and then send your b-day love for him in the comments section!

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