The music video for Katy Perry‘s new single “Birthday” is here, and she was completely right when she said it was the most insane thing she’s ever done. A couple days ago, KP released a teaser where we met a few different birthday party entertainers (all played by Katy) but now we get to see them in action!

First, there’s Goldie who puts on quite the show at a retirement home, then there’s an animal wrangler who scares kids, so much so, that one starts crying. Then there’s the face painting pricesss who does a terrible job, and a Bar Mitzvah DJ who is all kinds of dorky.

We get that the concept was these people were supposed to be the worst birthday party entertainers ever, but we still feel completely uncomfortable watching all these situations. We gotta hand it to Katy though — she’s definitely an innovator! We’ve never seen a pop star do anything remotely like this.

Watch the video for yourself above — if you dare! What do YOU think of this video? Is it too much? Or not enough? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Klaus G.

    It was great fun, Katy does things differently, and that’s good and perfectly ok!

  • boo

    I think that the music video was so funny and cool

  • Dazza

    Love it ,great song Katy

  • kearrye

    I Think Katy Perry Is A F.U.N Person And Sweet And Even Though It Was Weird I Bet She Made A Lot Of Money On This Video.

  • aurora thyme

    i like the song

  • chloe


  • Sammy

    It was a little weird, but I like the song!

  • isis

    I think this was so fun to watch, she looked like she enjoyed herself and it was funny. It’s not too much it was awesome! Loved it! <3